We help creatively ambitious people, through our unruly yet carefully considered approach to the construction of visual identities and brands, to re-orient into new forward thinking and progressive market positions.

By interrogating the creative and technical potential of every project, we turn limitations into benefits. Our aim is to discover a design rather than wrestle it into existence.

Regular Practice is led by Tom Finn and Kristoffer Soelling. The office and its way of working was initially approximated when the two met during their studies at the Royal College of Art in London.

In 2019, the studio was named as Ones to Watch by Its Nice That, the premier design and visual culture platform in the UK.

In 2020, the studio was selected to take part in the Danish Arts Councils 2 year careers program, the Young Artistic Elite.

Kristoffer Soelling, Director
Tom Finn, Director
Shawn Sawyers, Designer

Frequent collaborators
Ed Crooks
Oliver Davidson

Clients and collaborators include:
Ada Lovelace Institute
Adrian Shaughnessy
British Council
the Design Museum
Hong Kong Design Institute
Intern Magazine
Its Nice That
Film London (FLAMIN)
Mute Records
Royal College of Art
Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art
School of International Art, China
Serpentine Galleries
Sheffield Institute of Arts
Somerset House
Warner Recorded Music



186 Homerton High Street
E9 6AG London

Company Registration
Regular Practice Limited

338 3776 67